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Naming & Shaming – Furniture Removal Con Artists

UPDATE 23 MARCH 2016: I’ve been contacted by someone who wants to do an exposé on the company I wrote this blog post about, and they’ve asked me to see if I can find anyone else who’s had a bad experience with them, to build up some case studies. Please share widely, and get in touch […]

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A New Magazine Style Blog – The Magnifying Glass

My Twitter friend, Verushka – who I have yet to meet in real life – recently started up a magazine style blog called The Magnifying Glass. I asked her to tell us what it’s about… “My friend Kaveshan Chetty called me and we had a chat about creating a website for bloggers. Three weeks later […]

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World Day of Remembrance

We all know someone whose life has been affected by a road traffic accident – I lost my Dad in a car accident 12 years ago. World Day of Remembrance is the day we get to stand together and remember our lost loved ones. Not only do we want to celebrate their lives, but we want to create awareness about […]

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How To Successfully Buy And Sell Using Gumtree

(or your preferred online advertising portal) I make my living marketing and selling online, and Gumtree has become one of my good friends in the last few months. It’s taken me some time and trial and error to learn how best to take advantage her wily ways. Hopefully this post will give you some insights, […]

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Canon or Nikon Digital SLR?

Following on from my post, For The Love of Photography, I’ve been having a look-see at what’s available in the Digital SLR market, and asking opinions from those “in the know”. I’ve so far narrowed my potential choices down to two brands, Canon and Nikon. I’ve had the privilege of working with both brands in a professional […]

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The Power User’s Guide to Google Chrome

A few months ago I started experiencing a few glitches with Firefox. Every time I asked what the cause might be, the lovely people of Twitter would tell me to switch to Chrome. I do a lot of stuff on the interwebs, and the thought of moving all my bookmarks and other odds and ends […]

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Fun Google Searches

Also known as Easter Eggs, there are a few words or terms that, when typed into Google as a web search, create an effect in your browser. I first came across this when I saw a tweet saying type tilt into Google. Well, I did, and the Google results window actually tilted! Here are a few […]

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