A New Magazine Style Blog – The Magnifying Glass

My Twitter friend, Verushka – who I have yet to meet in real life – recently started up a magazine style blog called The Magnifying Glass. I asked her to tell us what it’s about…

The Magnifying Glass

“My friend Kaveshan Chetty called me and we had a chat about creating a website for bloggers. Three weeks later this became a reality.

So what is TMG?

TMG is a magazine style blog which serves as a platform to showcase the work of bloggers thus giving them exposure to brands. I as a blogger know how difficult it is to get noticed by a brand. That is why TMG MAKES SENSE!

TMG launched 14 July 2013 with a Facebook page and a Twitter handle.

A week later we had over 33 blog posts and 5 guest bloggers busy sending in daily contributions. The site is updated daily with new blog posts and a daily picture of the day taken by a photo blogger.

TMG is going places watch this space 🙂

If you are an aspiring Blogger or Photo blogger do get in touch :)”

So, there you have it! Hop on over to the TMG blog and take a look. I think you and your bloggers are doing a great job, Verushka, well done!


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  1. #1 by the01storyofus on October 9, 2013 - 7:55 am

    This is such an awesome initiative, so great full to be also contributing, looking forward to the fruitful relationship and growth. #BigUp

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