Hope Springs – A Local Theatre Production

If we’re friends on Facebook, or if you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me boasting about my daughter (who I refer to as The Teen on Twitter) and her recent acceptance into The National School of The Arts as of next year, her specialist subject being Drama.

This is due not only to her absolute passion for this subject, but also with great thanks to Gillian and Andrea of Rising Star Performing Arts Academy (they’re also on Facebook here), who have been coaching and coaxing her for the last few years. We love you guys!

Rising Star puts on a major theatre production every year, and this year it is Hope Springs. It’s not for the faint of heart, and we were warned that sensitive parents shouldn’t get their kids involved, but it tells a very real story, in more ways than one. I’ve taken the following synopsis from the Catalina Theatre website, which is where the play will be shown…

The play is based on a real Juvenile Correctional Facility called “Tranquillity Bay”, ran by an American business and closed down in 2004, after news, regarding the way children were treated leaked out to the media.

Set on an idyllic island, the story follows a group of teenagers who were sent to a ‘correctional facility’ as a last resort for their bad behaviour. Their daily routine slowly unfolds as the play progresses, revealing a torturous life of discipline and obedience. A life in which the teachers dictate their every move, from what they do with their time, to what they eat, to even attempting to control what they think. Their parents originally sent them to this facility under the impression that it would make them into respectable citizens.

Events take a drastic turn for the worse when one of the pupils decides to take matters into his own hands. This sparks a rebellion reminiscent of ‘Animal Farm’. Two hapless inspectors travel to the island at just the wrong time, and it is because of these two that the terrible events of the past are revealed.

I haven’t seen the script, and The Teen doesn’t rehearse in front of me, save for the odd, “Please test me on my lines, Mom.” Another Mom and I have a lift club of sorts, though, and hearing the kids chatting away madly after rehearsals, they are really into it and it strikes a chord with them – this is going to be a great production to watch!

If you enjoy theatre, you will really enjoy this production – I obviously can’t wait to see The Teen in action again, but I’m also really looking forward to the actual play!

Ticket prices range from R60 to R80, and you’ll be supporting our local, up-and-coming actors! Get a group of friends together and come along! Booking is super easy via Computicket <<< clickety click

Hope Springs


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