Saris For Good Karma

During a (thankfully infrequent) bout of insomnia last night, I saw an insert on one of the TV channels on an organisation called Saris For Good Karma. I love this very clever project!

Saris For Good Karma

The project calls on all Indian women with unwanted saris to donate them to “Saris for Good Karma”. All the saris that are collected are remoulded by a group of underprivileged women, and turned into creative items such as cushions, book covers and evening couture outfits, that will then be resold back to other communities (with the proceeds going towards the women in the project).

All it takes is one sari to change a woman’s life forever. So, get into those cupboards, drawers and old bags and give what you don’t need, as there are women and families who could benefit from your single contribution.

Saris For Good Karma

Given that South Africa, and Durban in particular, has one of the biggest Indian communities outside of India (I don’t know if it is still the biggest?) I would like to urge all my Indian friends to urge all your Indian friends to donate your old saris to this really great cause!

I’m going to be on the lookout for when they’ll be selling their wares locally, because they make beautiful stuff!

Go to Saris For Good Karma


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  1. #1 by maharaj on March 17, 2016 - 8:38 am

    Where do we deliver these sarries to?

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