For The Love of Food

My Dad instilled in me a love of photography, and my Mom, a love of food, cooking, and all things kitcheny. In her memory, I run a recipe website, Facebook Page and Twitter account.

Having recently moved to a beautiful, big old beachfront apartment, so old that they didn’t do built-in ovens and hobs back in the day, I was on the trawl to find me a cooker! First stop? Gumtree.

I kept checking the home appliances section throughout the day, because it seems stoves are in hot demand! Also, my budget was severely limited, so I was making offers on more expensive ads, but I wasn’t getting any bites. Finally, I came across an ad for a Defy 424, and from the photo it looked to be in mint condition, for just R600! It’s one of those really old and big ones, and my kitchen has an 80cm gap for the stove. I called the lady up and we basically concluded the deal on the phone, arranging to meet up the following day.

It turns out the lady was selling the stove on behalf of her 90 year old Mom, who was moving out of her house and into an old age home. She apparently wasn’t a big fan of cooking, did her duties when her kids were at home, and then survived off Woolies meals and practically never touched the stove in the last 10 years. She even had the original manuals, baking trays, spare fuses and oven globe!

So this is how Dolly the Defy found her new home with us!


Isn’t she beautiful?!

My friend @tequiladiva, who also says I should have been born an Indian for my bargaining skills, was telling me that friends of ours paid over R15,000 for one of those old retro style fridges which has been revamped. Fifteen THOUSAND Rand? For a fridge? Not on my nelly.

So, kids, that’s your lesson for today. There are some great deals to be had out there, you just have to have a bit of patience and perseverance. Today, for example, I’m collecting my “like new, hardly used” Salton Le Pro Supreme food processor, with all its bits and bobs intact, for two hundred rondt 🙂

I’m trying to find out when these stoves were produced, so if you have an idea, please leave a comment? Thanks!


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