Win Stuff With Free Competitions!

I’m beginning to think I’m a serial competition enterer. In defense of my constant competition entering, I have won a few things over the years, which definitely makes me want to enter more and more of them! And I would like to think the Universe favours me with a little good luck, too.

One of the prizes I won last year was a TomTom GPS from Dion Wired through a competition they held on Twitter. It was all very karmic the way it worked out, because firstly, it was the only thing I really wanted, but couldn’t afford at the time. My birthday was coming up, so I was not-so-subtly making it known to my friends that it would be just awesome if they could all club together to get me one, and then I won it a few weeks before my birthday! I think they were all quite happy about that, to be honest. Secondly, I’d come from an awesome meeting which had been waiting to happen for an absolute age, and I was killing time having a smoothie and tweeting until my next meeting, when I saw the announcement of the winner come across my timeline. The first tweet didn’t @ mention the winner, but had a screenshot of their (my) Twitter bio. I clicked on the link to the pic and had to look twice before I realised it was me! It was all around a very lucky day indeed 🙂

I’m a sharing, caring kinda gal, so I thought I’d put together this post for you, listing all the places I enter free competitions online. At most, some of the sites require you to register, but that actually makes it easier to enter the competitions, because you only need to enter all your info once (your browser’s autofill feature should take care of that for you on the other sites).

Without further ado, here they are, and… Break A Leg!

Dion Wired holds competitions fairly frequently, and they have to be top of my list because of my TomTom prize, which I am still very much infatuated with! Follow @DionWired.

The great thing about the websites of printed magazines, is that you get to enter all their competitions online without having to buy the mag! Gawd, that makes me sound like such a cheapskate! Look, I do buy the odd magazine if there’s something of particular interest to me, and I buy loads of books, Ok?! Now move along, to these sites (and sorry, guys, but perhaps you can share these links with your favourite girls)…

Cosmopolitan (I won a Brutal Fruit hamper through them, with loads of lovely goodies!)
Fair Lady
SA Home Owner
House & Leisure
Good Housekeeping
Elle Decoration
Taste Mag
Longevity (Entry is via SMS, usually R1.50 to R3)
Getaway (You do have to read this mag, because that’s where you find the answers)

Each competition entry at Just Play requires a really short survey to be completed (usually 3 to 5 questions). There’s no wrong answer, and even if you opt not to hear from the advertisers/sponsors, you still go into the draw. Each year the BIG prize is a car… Last year it was a Citroen C3, and this year it’s an Audi A1!

These guys mostly list the same stuff that you find above, but now and again there’s something from a different source, so they’re worth a visit…

Win Stuff
Enter And Win
Win This
Online Competitions

Please leave a comment if you have a great source for free competitions!


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