Horse Racing – The J&B Met This Weekend!

I’ve never been a big gambler, whether on horses, sport or in casinos, which is a little odd considering that my entire family, both Paternal and Maternal, have been involved in horse racing since forever. The most I understand is how to bet a win or a place! My Mom’s parents were very hoity toity race horse owners back in the day. On my Dad’s side, his parents and my Aunt were regular (small-time) punters, and my Aunt owned two race horses in her life, Cobalt and Reveille.

Horse Racing

However, I’ve been lucky on the horses a few times. It started with the July in 1981 when I was “two bricks and a tickie high”. I’d gone with my Aunt to the tote to place her bets, and I was gazing lovingly at the poster of all the beautiful horses in the main race. I went up to her and asked her to put R1 on the handsome Big Charles for me. She turned to me with a disgusted look on her face and said, “What? That donkey? Don’t waste your money!”

Old One Rand Coin

Well, she kicked herself when Big Charles won, and I made her give me the money I would have won had she taken the bet for me!

Another example is a few years ago when I was invited to a box at the July. The other people in the box consisted mostly of old industry fogeys who spent the day studying their race cards intently, speaking all sorts of horsey jargon that I didn’t understand. I hadn’t intended to bet at all, and I was watching the main race horses walk to the start while the guys went to place their bets. Again, I saw pretty horses! Three of them, in particular. On an impulse, I ran down before betting closed and put 100 wins and 100 places on each of the three horses, and they all came in! The funniest part of it all, was that I was the only one in that box to have any horses win or place!

Durban July

This year, I’ve decided to have a little gander on the J&B Met, thanks to a combination of generous tips from @gavinbechan and @BwanaChris (see Chris’ take on the horses for the main race here). I haven’t seen the horses, but of the ones I’ve chosen, I like their names, and their numbers. I’ve spent the grand total of R250. If one of my tickets wins (four horses to win in four races) it will pay me the princely sum of R14,000 for a spend of R150!

I’m feeling lucky!

If you’re having yourself a little punt as well, break a leg! I, personally, would love to spend the weekend celebrating a sweet little win 🙂

UPDATE: Well, I lost 😦 I had bet on Beach Beauty in the main race, but the other Durban lovely, Igugu, beat her to it. That’s the nature of the gamble, ey?

J&B Met


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