The Power User’s Guide to Google Chrome

A few months ago I started experiencing a few glitches with Firefox. Every time I asked what the cause might be, the lovely people of Twitter would tell me to switch to Chrome.

I do a lot of stuff on the interwebs, and the thought of moving all my bookmarks and other odds and ends over to another browser, kept me from taking the plunge. I would hop onto Chrome to do whatever I wasn’t able to in Firefox, and then go back.

Then, one day, I decided to have a better look around Chrome, and I liked what I saw, so I took the leap. Tentatively at first, knowing that good old Firefox would always take me back if I changed my mind.

A few months down the line, and I am quite smitten with Chrome! I’ve also not once yet come across something it can’t or won’t do.

The other day I somehow stumbled onto this lifehacker post, The Always Up-to-Date Power User’s Guide to Chrome.

Now I’m really in love with Chrome! Oh the things she can do! I feel a bit like a closet geek… So don’t tell anyone you heard this from me, ok? I have a really cool reputation to uphold 😉


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