NBC’s 75th Anniversary Funniest Outtakes

I. Simply. LOVE. Outtakes! I mean, I love to laugh, and other people making fools of themselves can very often be the best source of laughter, innit?!

If I’m bored or in need of a hearty belly laugh, I head over to YouTube and search for outtakes or bloopers. The other day I came across a series of four videos of NBC’s 75th Anniversary Funniest Outtakes. Very, very, very, very funny! It’s also cool to watch outtakes of programmes you’re familiar with from TV, instead of random stuff like American newsreaders cocking up their lines.

Do yourself a favour… Put aside a half hour or so of your time, and go check these out…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

NBC Outtakes


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