Meat Free Monday #2 2012

As you will soon see, I love food and cooking, and I will probably blog fairly frequently on this topic. I grew up with my Mom and her Mom being fantastic cooks and entertainers, and I even have a recipe website in honour of my Mom, who we lost to cancer a couple of years ago, but I’ll share that link another time.

My best friend and housemate, Madam, is a vegetarian. The Teen and I are not. So far we manage to co-habit quite successfully as far as this is concerned. I can rustle up a few veggie dishes, and Madam is a pretty damn good cook, too! I’m keen to try out some more interesting veggie fare, because there really is a lot of tasty stuff you can come up with.

Last week, for the first Meat Free Monday of 2012, Madam treated The Teen and I to these superbly delicious Chickpea Burgers (click the image for the recipe)…

Chickpea Burgers

I must admit, I had my reservations, but these burgers are the bomb! So much so, that I asked Madam if she would make them for us again tonight, to which I’m happy to say, she obliged 🙂

Seriously, even if you’re a non-veggie, they really are worth trying out, and budget-friendly too. I’m off to scoff mine now… Ciao!


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